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Our Work Process

Through innovative ideas and professional approach, we look into each costumer’s need in order to deliver a finished product that not only portraits the costumer’s vision but also does this in a manner consistent with high quality and presentation.

Each project is analyzed and dismembered into sections for a more in-depth look at every area it may cover in order to maximize efficiency and productivity.  This procedure allows us to look at the final project before we begin it and get the idea on where it’s headed.

Market Analyzing

Knowing what the market is about is vital information in deciding the approach taken in production of the project, and analyzing it will provide us the right direction on where the project needs to start. Main ideas will be discussed and perfected so the foundation is built around what the market demands.

Target Costumers

By analyzing the market we understand what the website needs to do, and by analyzing the target costumers we know what the visitors will expect from a website. These two elements are key in production and therefore placed at the top of the list. Into this process we look at user interactions, mobility, and overall perspective of the website to create a structure of content arranged according to what the users will find most appealing.


During this process we will interact the most with our client in order to know what his expectations, ideas, and preferences are; such as color schemes, layout, and presentation. By doing this we make sure the client is completely satisfied and knows how the project is evolving and propose modifications or suggestions to his desire.


This operation requires all three steps from before to be combined in order to sketch what the final layout of the project will look like. To do this we keep in mind functionality, dynamics, feels, and presentation. The project is once again divided based on specific content and a layout interconnecting every section is generated based on best functionality for the target user.


Once every concept is centralized and a decision for best approach has been made, the project is designed to look professional, balanced, and attractive to the user while keeping functionality in mind. Using the latest technology in Graphic Design, a sleek and innovative product is created based on what the costumer has envisioned.


The final step in production is the actual codification of the project; abiding by the standards of W3C, the project is brought to life by valid use of XHTML 1.0, and CSS. If required the project will also utilize PHP, ASP, Java, Flash, and MySQL scripting to create custom applications for a more dynamic interaction by users.


Every project is put to the test for days in order to find any problems or make any changes to the visual presentation the project might require. The client will be shown the project and if desired, changes will be made according to his input. Once everything has been completed, the site will be launched into the World Wide Web and marketing will take place.

Web Design & Development

We start each project by studying our client, their history, and their market. From there we simply create art that outperforms their competition.

Print Design

We take pride in providing top quality print designs that best fits your needs. We deliver a finished product you can completely rely on.

Online Marketing

If you want to expand your reach in the online sector, we have a big arsenal of methods and techniques to help you do so.
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